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I’m so glad you came by my site. I’m hoping you find it fun to navigate through a bunch of photos, as well as some sights and sounds from my years on radio. There are several pages of memories, as well as a timeline of a career that continues to be gratifying (I’ve got the best gig on the planet). From my start as a DJ while still in High School in Michigan to a 42 year run on New York Radio, to my daily show now airing live from my home studio in Southern California. Sirius XM 60s Gold on Channel 73 is where you’ll find me M-F (3-7pm ET, 12-4pm PT) and Saturdays (8-11pm ET, 5-8pm PT) broadcasting all across the U.S. and Canada, and on the SiriusXM App.


Thanks for visiting, I’ll be talkin’ to ya,

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The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Pat St John
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